Cozumel Reef Guide is dedicated to sharing information about Cozumel reefs for diving and snorkeling. You can find the top rated Cozumel Reef Map with detailed descriptions for each dive site.

We hope to inspire Cozumel reef conservation through education and current news about the Cozumel Reefs. It is our hope that by sharing the beauty of the reefs that current and future generations will be inspired to protect and preserve them.

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The Cozumel Marine Park had coral bleaching in the summer of 2023. At that time, most of the coral turned white. Now in February 2024, most of the coral has recovered. Check out our videos and comments about this on Facebook

Disclaimer: Cozumel Diving is a dangerous sport. Any information provided in this Cozumel reef guide may not be currently accurate and is not to be relied on for the safety of the dive. Cozumel divers should always be accompanied by an experienced divemaster and follow their instructions. Divers should never dive beyond the limits of their training and ability. This is especially true in Cozumel, with unpredictable currents.