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Reef List

Barracuda Wall (90'-120'+)
San Juan (40'-50')
Cantarel (Eagle Ray Wall) (60'-90')
Villa Blanca Wall (50'-60')
Paradise Reef (30'-40')
Las Palmas (40'-70')
Chankanaab (35'-40')
Chankanaab Bolones (35'-40')
Shipwreck C53 (55'-40')
Playa Corona (20'-40')
Tormentos (50'-60')
Yucab (40'-50')
San Clemente(15'-35')
Punta Tunich (50'-120'+)
San Francisco Wall (45'-120')
Yellow House (35' - 50' )
Santa Rosa Wall (50' - 120+)
Paso del Cedral (50'-60')
La Francesa (30'-60'
Punta Dalila (40'-60')
North of Palancar(40'-60')
Palancar: Gardens (30'-80')
Palancar: Caves (50'-90')
Palancar: Horseshoe (50'-90')
Palancar: Bricks (50'-90')
Colombia (60'-90')
Colombia Shallows(30'-50')
Colombia Deep (60'-120')
Punta Sur (90'-120')
Chun-chacaab.html (70' - 80')
Maracaibo (70' - 150+)
Punta Celerain Snorkel

Other Cozumel scuba diving sites or scuba diving near Cozumel.

Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Snorkel

Playa Del Carmen Cenote Dive

Note: not every reef or dive is listed here. These are the most popular Cozumel scuba diving sites. If you would like us to add a dive site, please contact us. At this time we do not have information about some other Carribean dive sites.

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